Hope Instrument has complete resistance test solutions for various application requiring high-speed or high-accuracy testing integrated to automatic production line, R&D bench top use and portable tester for large equipment to test resistance of motor, cable, grounding, PCB and materials. Such as HT3545/3542 resistance tester fit for fast and accurate,HT3540B resistance meter quite suitable to measure super-low material resistance,HT3544 resistance tester specially used in measuring strong anti-interference and anti-shock occasions (e.g.:motor and coil resistance test) and HT3548 portable resistance tester designed for on-site resistance testing.
HT3545/HT3542 Precision DC Resistance Tester is one of the highest-precision DC resistance testers in the industry with 6 1/2 and 0.01μΩm mini. resolution. At full –scale measurement range,HT3545 has 1200000 digits display and HT3542 has 120000. Both are ideally suited in the inverter motor coil inspection and other fields requiring high-resolution resistance measurement.

The HT3545 Precision Resistance Meter featured high-speed test line anomaly detection and extremely short measurement cycles, with a maximum sorting speed of 1000 times per second, ensuring high-speed and reliable sorting every time.
Rich interfaces enable the HT3545 and HT3542 series to evaluate a large quantity of components and be integrated into an automated test system.
HT3542 single-channel resistance tester is applied to small signal contacts, PCB resistance, welding hole resistance, interconnecting resistance, small fuses, leads, small magnetic parts, motor coils, transformer coils, solenoids, chokes, wiring harnesses, connectors, relay contacts, resistors, conductive coatings and conductive rubber.

HT3542 multi-channel resistance tester is special for measurement of three-phase motor coil; inspection of connectors and wiring harness; inspection of relay contacts; inspection of welded parts of battery terminals.

HT3544 resistance tester is specially used for three-phase motor coil measurement, connector and harness inspection, relay contact inspection, and battery terminal weldment inspection. It is featured in its strong anti-interference and anti-surge performance.

The unique HT3540B resistance tester specially used for the resistance measurement of conductive materials in the power industry, with minimum resolution 0.01μΩ, and accuracy <0.02% at full-range. Using the pulse test method, the current ratio is adjustable at 0.7 / 1.0 / 1.414, which can replace the traditional Wheatstone bridge for high precision measurement of ultra-low resistance.

HT3548 Handheld Resistance Tester offers a portable solution for measuring resistance with a wide range 0.1μΩ~3.3MΩ at a high level of precision 0.02%. It has a wide application in measurement of ordinary resistors, coil resistance (large motors, transformers, and inductors), cable length and diameter detection, pipe welding and metals detection and electric cars to ground connection detection and so on.
Due to the strong surge withstand capability, HT3548 portable resistance meter is designed to test winding resistance of devices.