With the rapid development in industries of lithium batteries, smart phones and hybrid vehicles, battery manufacturers have a great need in high-efficiency and high-reliability insulation testing.
Hope Instrument provides 3 models digital Insulation Resistance Meters to meet this demand.

HT9920 high-speed Insulation Resistance Lithium Tester is designed to fast-sorting insulation resistance(IR) value less than 10G of components and equipment. Using the constant voltage test method, its voltage output range is 25~1000V and the maximum output current is 1.8mA. HT9920 has contact abnormality detection function to prevent misjudgment in case of poor contact, the minimum test period is only 50Ms,which achieves the fastest speed in the industry and greatly shorten inspection time in production line sorting of electronic components.

HT3530 Insulation Resistance Tester is suitable for ultra-high resistance testing (up to 1016Ω) and ultra-low current(low to 10fA) testing.

With the support the matching electrode box, the surface resistance and volume resistivity of various insulating materials can be accurately measured. Widely used in the field of insulation performance evaluation of insulation materials.

Equipped with rich interfaces and communication ports like LAN,RS232 port, I / O port (PLC interface), analog signal output and test ports at the rear panel,HT9920 is convenient for system integrators.

The HT9920 High-speed Resistance Tester has a wide insulation testing hybrid vehicles, electronic components, vehicle electronics, lithium batteries, materials, soft batteries and power batteries.

HT3530 and HT3530A insulation resistance tester is controlled by a high-performance processor and used in different ranges of various electrical, electronic components and equipment; 7-range test up to 100kΩ, the output voltage can be arbitrarily set from 0 ~ 1000V at 1V resolution to test the resistance of 500Ω ~ 9.9PΩ, with the maximum display of 99999 digit.

HT3530 has maximum 1kV test voltage and HT3530A has maximum 1.5kV test voltage. Both the insulation testers are the 4-in-1 instrument used to accurately measuring insulation resistance(IR) and leakage current(LC) of electronic components, equipment, dielectric materials, wires and cables and surface resistance and volume resistivity of various insulation materials with the support of the matching electrode box.