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Features & Benefits

  • HT3530 is an intelligent measurement instrument with high performance ARM micro processor control design. It is ideal for different ranges of various electrical, electronic parts, and electronic equipment testing.
  • One-in-four professional instrument that integrates insulation resistance meter, Picometer, digital potentiometer and digital high voltage source meter
  • Six measurement ranges.
  • 0.001V~1000V arbitrary voltage output under 1V resolution meets any test voltage requirements and can test resistance ranges 500Ω~9.9PΩ,with max display of 99999 digits.
  • Equipped with test electrode can test the volume resistivity and surface resistivity of the material
  • HT3530 can accurately draw curve V-I/V-R curve
  • Equipped with discharging function
  • Supper-high speed testing provides the best solution for automated production. The instrument has a sorting and beeper function
  • Equipped with Handler and RS232 interfaces fit for the automatic sorting system to complete the automatic pipeline test.
  • Calibration function, open-circuit clearing at full measurement ranges.
  • 4.3-inch TFT true color LCD display


HT3530 Insulation Tester is used to measure the insulation resistance and leakage current of various electronic components, equipment, dielectric materials, wires and cables; Supporting electrode box can test the surface resistance and volume resistivity of materials.


Model HT3530
Display 4.3-inch large screen LCD display
Test Parameters Insulation resistance (IR), leakage current (I), volume resistivity (Rv), area resistance (Rs)
Readback Voltage Accuracy 0.5%±1V
Output Voltage Programmed:1~1000 V, Step value:1mV
Measurement Range Resistance: 1Ω-9.9PΩ,
Leakage current:2mA~10fA
Ranges Six different measurement ranges;
auto and manual modes are available in each range
Basic Accuracy  

1%(10M~1G);3% (1G~10G);5%(10G~100G);10%(100G~1T);20%(≥1T)

Test Speed 1 meas/sec., 5meas/sec.
Calibration Open-circuit reset for all ranges
Timing Charger 0~999.9S
Comparator 1 set data records, judging over the upper limit ( HI), qualified (IN), and less than the lower limit(LO)
Trigger mode Internal trigger, manual trigger, external trigger, bus trigger
Interface RS-232, Handler (PLC)
Result Display Direct reading, ΔABS, Δ%, θ, sorting result
Max Reading DIgits 99999 five-digit display
Power supply Voltage:198VAC~240VAC , Frequency:47Hz-63Hz, Max power:50VA
Size and Weight 331mm*329mm*80mm (L*W*D), gross weiht:2.5kg
Accessories HT9330 cable,PB36 connector, HT9800 cable, Power cord, USB
Options HT0305 test electrode


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