HT8XXX series high-power DC electronic loads are controlled by high-performance microprocessor with CC, CV, CR, CW four test modes and multiple functional modes. Hope instrument new general professional DC loads are featured in high accuracy, compact structure and elegant appearance, high power density and high cost-effective

Built-in rich interfaces of RS232/RS485, LAN, USB and analog are suitable for remote control and data acquisition and analysis. Each model of HT8XXX load family is available for laboratory bench top use and 19 inch cabinet installation for automated test system.

The whole ranges of HT8XXX series programmable loads are widely used in various batteries like cell phone batteries, vehicle batteries, solar cells and mobile batteries; power supplies including power supply modular, consistent current power source, consistent voltage power supply, switching power supply, UPS and battery chargers; the other power electronics components such as MOSFET, IGBT, capacitors, filters and PFC modular; LED drivers, DC-DC converters, fuses, vehicle electronics; power conversion electronics products and more.

This series loads are ranges from 150W to 20kW,covering small/middle/high power range DC of 150W ~300W,600W~3200W and 4000W to 20kW, with a max voltage of 1200V and max current of 2400A,which has a wider measurement range compared to the conventional DC load but with only 1/3 size at the same out power, compact and lower in weight.

The high power load is modular design, convenient to maintenance and easy expandable to a higher power application as follows:

● DC charging pile, vehicle charger, power electronics tests
● Fuse and relays aging test
● Discharge test of power battery, lead battery and fuel cell
● Intelligent manufacturing, safety testing of industrial motors (such as unmanned vehicles, robots, etc.)
● Virtual load test of natural energy (solar battery array, wind power generation)
● Test of server power supply, high voltage UPS, communication power supply
● A / D power supply and other power electronic components testing