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HT3544-12 3544-24 multi-channel DC reistance mete

The HT3544 multi-channel resistance tester is a new generation product from Hopetech Technology. Each model has two-wire and four-wire switchable modes. They realize maximum two-wire 48-channel resistance test and four-wire 24- channel resistance test. Based on the identical circuit design of the classic model HT3544 resistance meter, HT3544-12 and HT3544-24 is outstanding in anti-interference performance, make it very suitable for supporting automation equipment to complete automatic test.

  • Offering 0.02% basic accuracy, 0.1μΩminimum resolution, 1A maximum test current
  • With measurable range 0.1μΩ~3.3MΩ.
  • Anti-interference measurement is achieved by protecting the probe used by the port and increasing the test current.
  • Using the sorting indicator (option) with loud volume sound to accurately judge whether it is qualified or not at the production site.
  • Equipped with RS232/RS485/LAN interfaces and EXT I/O port, HT3544 multi-channel resistance meter is especially suitable for supporting ATE line to complete automatic test.

HT3544-24H Multi-channel resistance tester operation interface

HT3544-12 multi-channel DC reistance mete 01


  • Benchtop HT3544 with compact structure
  • Anti-interference design, suitable for complex occasions in electromagnetic environment
  • Fast and high-precision testing, rich interfaces
  • HT3544 instrument comes standard with RS232/RS485/LAN and I/O interface, especially suitable for supporting automatic equipment to complete automatic test.
  • HT3544 multi-channel resistance tester is able to work in a single-channel test and multi-channel test;
  • It has two-wire and four-wire switchable modes. Each two-wire single-card can test maximum 24-channel and four-wire single-card can test maximum 12-channel; two-wire dual-card can test maximum 48-channel, four-wire dual-card can test maximum 24 -channel;
HT3544-12 3544-24 multi-channel DC reistance meter
  • Support multi-channel test, up to 24 test points via four terminals
  • Rich interface for automation equipment
  • Unique 300mA current test
  • With automatic test function
  • HT3544-12/24H can guarantee test accuracy
  • Measure range of 0.1uΩ~3.3MΩ, 0.02% basic accuracy


HT3544 has wide application in measuring various high, medium and low value resistors; various switch contact resistances; connector resistance; relay line package and contact resistance; transformer, inductor, motor, deflection coil winding resistance; wire resistance; ship, aircraft metal riveting resistance; printing line and hole resistance, etc,.

HT3544 multi-channel resistance tester is special for measurement of three-phase motor coil; inspection of connectors and wiring harness; inspection of relay contacts; inspection of welded parts of battery terminals

HT3544 DC reistance meter 04


Model HT3544-24H
Display 3.5 inch  TFT-LCD display
Measurement items        ESR, temperature
Basic accuracy 0.1%±10 reading (3mΩ,30mΩ,3MΩ); 0.05%±4 readings;0.02%±2 readings(the other ranges)
Measurement range  3mΩ/30mΩ/300mΩ/3Ω/30Ω/300Ω/3kΩ/30kΩ/300kΩ/3MΩ
Measurement speed FAST(50Hz:21ms, 60Hz:18ms), SLOW(200ms)
Maximum test current DC 1A, Max:5.5V
Temperature Range:-10°C ~60°C Accuracy:±1°C
Correction Short-circuit reset for all ranges
Comparator HIGN/IN/LOW  sorting,10 bin-out
Internal data storage Support with PC software and store in PC
Trigger Internal/external/manual trigger
Signal source AC 1kHz, Test current: <150mA
Resolution 0.1μΩ
Other functions  temperature correction, power frequency setting
Interface External I/O,LAN,RS232
Power supply Voltage:100VAC~256VAC; Frequency: 50Hz~60Hz;
Rated Power 10W
Dimensions 325 mm (L) x215mm (W) x 96.5mm (D),without sleeve
Accessory  Standard:HT9363A,HT9348,power cord
Weight 2kg

Specification Selection Table

Model Channel No. Design Range Accuracy
HT3548   Single Handheld 3mΩ~3MΩ  

0.02%±2 (reading)

HT3544 Benchtop
HT3544-12H 12-channel
HT3544-24H 24-channel Benchtop

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