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3542-24 multi-channel dc resistance meter 3

HT3542 Precision DC Resistance Tester is one of the highest-precision DC resistance testers in the industry.

The HT3542 is also can be work as multi-channel resistance tester. Each model has two-wire and four-wire switchable modes. They realize maximum two-wire 48-channel resistance test and four-wire 24- channel resistance test. Based on the identical circuit design of the classic model HT3542 resistance meter, HT3542-12 and HT3542-24 is outstanding in anti-interference performance, make it very suitable for supporting automation equipment to complete automatic test.

3542-12 3542-24 multi-channel dc resistance meter

HT3542 multi-channel resistance tester has two-wire and four-wire switchable modes. Each two-wire single-card can test maximum 24-channel and four-wire single-card can test maximum 12-channel; two-wire dual-card can test maximum 48-channel, four-wire dual-card can test maximum 24 -channel;

HT3542 instrument comes standard with RS232/RS485/LAN and I/O interface, especially suitable for supporting automatic equipment to complete automatic test.


  • Support multi-channel test, up to 24 test points via four terminals
  • Thermoelectric compensation (OVC)
  • Testing range 0.01μΩ to 1200 MΩ
  • Low power resistance measurement
  • Test cable open circuit detection function, suitable for OS inspection of automatic production lines
  • D/A output
  • Automatic test function
  • External control I/O port, RS-232 interface, Ethernet port, temperature test interface, analog input and output port, especially suitable for supporting automatic equipment to complete automatic test.
HT3544 DC reistance meter 03

Rear Panel HT3542 Benchtop Resistance Tester

HT3542 Multi-channel Resistance Tester Operation Interface


Model HT3542-24H
Display 3.5 inch TFT-LCD
Measurement parameters DC resistance
Resolution 0.1μΩ
Test scope 10mΩ~10MΩ,9 ranges
Measuring current DC 1A-0.5uA
Measuring accuracy ±0.01%rdg.±0.001%f.s.
Measuring speed FAST(2.2ms), MED(50Hz:21ms,60Hz:18ms), SLOW1(102ms),SLOW2(202ms)
Measurement range 20mΩ/200mΩ/2000mΩ/20Ω/200Ω/2000Ω/20kΩ/200kΩ/2000ΚΩ/10ΜΩ
Signal source 1A DC, Max:5.5V
Temperature Range:-10℃~60℃
Humidity range 23℃,less than 80RH
Calibration Short-circuit reset for all ranges
Comparator 10-bin sorting, output signal HIGH/IN/LOW
Data storage Support with PC software and store in PC
Trigger Internal, manual, bus trigger
Other Test lead anomaly detection
Interface External IO, LAN,RS-232
Power supply Voltage:100VAC~256VAC; Frequency: 50Hz~60Hz; Rated power:15VA
Size & weight 325mm*215mm*96.5mm(L*W*H) 2kg
Accessories HT9348 temperature probe, PB36 connector,HT9344 test clip, HT9800 communication cable, power cord


HT3542-24 multi-channel resistance tester is special for measurement of three-phase motor coil; inspection of connectors and wiring harness; inspection of relay contacts; inspection of welded parts of battery terminals

HT3544 DC reistance meter 04

Application Example1— Cable Detection Function

Circuit principle

Each test end is divided into 2 test lines, and a constant current source is added between the test lines. When the DUT is short-circuited at the test end, the current source outputs a low level, otherwise it outputs a high level. Use in this way to check whether the test object or test line is in good contact.

HT 3542 High Speed High Precision DC Resistance Meter 03

Application Example2—Poor Contact Inspection

Broken test leads and poor contact with the test object will lead to misjudgment of the insulation test, which may cause defective products to flow into the market. In order to prevent this kind of situation, we have a standard contact check function, which can notify the disconnection or poor contact to prevent the above situation.

HT 3542 High Speed High Precision DC Resistance Meter 05

Application Example3—PCB Board Test

For some PCBs with high requirements in aerospace, automotive electronics, etc., it is required to test their vias and traces. With the support of multi-channel switching equipment, HT3545 precision resistance tester offers its scanning and switching at the speed of 2ms per channel.

HT 3542 High Speed High Precision DC Resistance Meter 06HT 3542 High Speed High Precision DC Resistance Meter 05

Accessories and Options

HT 3542 High Speed High Precision DC Resistance Meter 08

Specification Selection Table

Model Channel No. Type Test Accuracy Resolution Display
HT3545 Single Standard 10mΩ~1000MΩ 0.01μΩ 6 1/2
HT3542 Economy 10mΩ~10MΩ 0.1μΩ 5 1/2
HT3542-12H 12-Channel Functional 0.1μΩ
HT3542-24H 24-Channel Functional 0.1μΩ

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