Project Description


HT9910 Hipo tester
  • The withstanding voltage test (also called dielectric strength test, hipot test, hi-pot test, breakdown test or flash test) is made to stress the device under test to an AC or DC high voltage and check that there is no breakdown nor perforation happening.
  • HT99xx hipot tester includes 3 models of HT9910/9912/9922.
  • Each model combines AC/DC withstanding test and insulation resistance (IR) function tests.
  • With optional RS485 interface and MODBUS protocol,HT99XX series Hipot Tester can be easily realized instrument network.


  • AC/DC/IR 3 in 1 hipot tester (HT9922 only)
  • AC/DC voltage output to 5kV and 6kV
  • Insulation resistance test from 100KΩ ~ 100GΩ
  • With ARC detection and over power detection
  • 6 test modes available can be programmed to realize automatic and continuous testing.
  • Various interface configuration suitable for automated test system


  • Automated test systems
  • Household appliances
  • Transformers
  • Motors
  • Electrical equipment
  • Heating appliances
  • Photovoltaic industry
  • New energy vehicles
  • Electronic components
  • Medical equipmen


Model HT9910 HT9912 HT9922
Display 95mm*20mm monochrome LCD
Test Parameters Leakage current/insulation IR Withstand voltage / leakage current / insulation resistance
Voltage Resolution 1V
Voltage Accuracy 3%
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
AC Output AC 0.5kV~5kV AC 0.5kV~5kV AC 0.5kV~5kV
Leakage Current AC 12mA
DC Output ——– DC 0.5kV~6kV DC 0.5kV~6kV
Leakage Current ——– DC 6mA
Current Resolution 1μA
Current Accuracy ±(3%+2 counts)
Voltage Ramp Up Time 0.1s~999.9s
Test Time 0.1s~999.9s
Arc Test Function 1~9 level
Insulation IR Range ——— ——— 100kΩ~99GΩ
Voltage Output ——— ——— 0.1kV~1.0kV
Memory Group 3 group
Interface PLC/485 interface(Standard), RS232C (Optional)
Power Supply Voltage:198V-240V AC, Frequency:47Hz-63Hz,Rated power:100VA
Dimensions 374mm*280mm*99mm;Gross weight: 7.5KG
Accessories HT9950 High-voltage test lead, HT9800 Communication cable,HT9900 sampling line


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